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Silvies River Charter School (SRCS) offers open enrollment to all students residing in Oregon. At this time we are accepting applicants for 2015-16. 


Enrollment Process

Silvies River Web Academy has an enrollment cap.  All applications received during the Open Enrollment Segment will be processed in the following order:

  • Any application that is received by a student that resides within the school boundaries of Frenchglen School District #16 will be placed first. This is required per the charter agreement with Frenchglen School District #16, our sponsoring district.
  • The remaining applications received for Silvies Charter School during the Open Enrollment Segment will be entered into a lottery for the balance of enrollment spaces available.  There are a total of 150 slots available per year.
  • If selected for our program, additional enrollment forms will be required.
  • All applications that remain after these placements will be placed on the waiting list for Silvies Charter School. When an enrollment spot becomes available, our Admissions personnel will contact you to determine if you would like to enroll at that time.

All questions regarding our program or the enrollment process can be directed to Sara Winn at [email protected] or 541-589-3727.

Follow this link to the online application form.