Silvies River Charter School

Providing excellent educational support to Oregon's virtual students

Teacher-Led Support Diverse Curriculum Options Classes /Extracurricular Activities

Silvies is enrolling for THIS school year 2020-2021 for grades K-11! If you or someone you know are looking for virtual education, teacher-lead support and abundant resources, apply or share TODAY! Silvies is available all over Oregon and has many Learning Centers opening up for limited face to face instruction, along with many options for virtual classes, tutoring opportunities and online curriculum. Apply today!

What Makes Silvies River Charter School Special?

What Silvies Offers

  • It's free! Silvies is a public charter school

  • Allotment money for curriculum and activities

  • Virtual courses, alternative curriculum and local classes for all grades

  • Early college opportunities for high school students

  • Special education accommodations

  • A teacher to plan, test, and tutor with

  • Online access to teachers and tutoring

  • Field trips, science fairs and many other enrichment opportunities

Why Families Love Silvies

  • Fantastic learning opportunities for all grade levels K-12

  • In-home learning is celebrated and supported

  • Technology support

  • Financial support

  • Get support and guidance from a certified teacher

  • Individually created personalized education plans

  • Enjoy community in group classes and trips

  • Student led personalized learning

Local Learning Centers

  • Bend - Redmond - Burns - Salem - Lebanon more

  • Extra curricular classes such as Art, Drama, STEM, PE etc.

  • Primary classes such as reading literacy, math literacy, logic, geography, robotics,

  • Virtual or in person tutoring for all subjects and ages

  • Science fairs, health fairs, holiday craft bazaars etc.

  • Field trips such as OMSI, snowshoeing, Oregon Trail, etc.

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Here is some information from a Silvies Parent!

“Having my children enrolled in Silvies has been such an incredible opportunity for both myself and my children. The teachers are committed to helping the parent be the best teacher possible for each of their own children. The teachers encourage, equip, and provide just the right amount of assistance to be successful."

- Nicole England (Silvies Parent since 2018)

England Family

What's it like to be a Silvies student and parent? Click the play button to see Silvies in action!

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