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Silvies River Charter School is a regionally accredited school by NWAC and is a non-profit public charter school sponsored by Harney Union High School District 1J in Eastern Oregon. We began in 2008-2009 school year and have grown quickly. We thank our families and students for their support and interest in our programs. We are available to all students in Oregon. We offer an interactive and individualized learning environment to all students. We look forward to serving your student and offering the necessary supports to help them achieve their educational and life goals.

Silvies River Charter School is a hybrid online program offering students a full menu of online classes as well field trips, labs, and other face to face educational opportunities. We specialize in individualizing each child's education through learning curriculum, highly relational teaching, and interactive support systems. Each student is assigned a mentor teacher that is able to visit the students in their local communities. All teachers are Oregon TSPC certified instructors who care deeply about students and want to make their education meaningful and challenging.

The Mission of Silvies River Charter School is to empower families by creating a culture that offers academic and social supports while preparing students for a successful transition to work and higher education.

Our program is available to all students in Oregon. Students attend our school for free. While enrolled students may receive the use a free laptop and all the support they need to be successful.

We thank our families and students for their support and interest in our virtual school.

You can view our state report card here. You will need to select Frenchglen School District.

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Silvies River Charter School
Oregon Online Virtual Charter School

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