Employment Opportunities

Why Choose Silvies?

Silvies River Charter School is an exceptional place to work, with great benefits for our teachers and staff.  Here are some features that set us apart.

Join Silvies and join a school that provides a teaching environment that is truly focused on both student and teacher success. 

"The work environment here at Silvies is something to be excited about. We don't just have coworkers, we have friends." ~ Sara Winn

"We're going to continue to support our teachers ... Why? Because that is what is best for staff and ultimately best for kids." ~ Eric Nichols

"Silvies River Charter School is a great place to teach.  Flexible Schedule, Flexible Subjects, Awesome Work Environment and Personalized Education for all of our students grades K-12."  ~ Del Enders


Based in Burns, OR with Virtual and Face to Face Opportunities all Over Oregon

Check back for future openings