Q. If we are currently registered as a home-schooled family, but would like to enroll in SRCS. Are we still considered home schooled?

A. No. We are a public charter school. Once your student enrolls with Silvies Charter, they are considered public school students.

Q. Is my student required to participate in state testing through your program?

A. Yes. Like every other public school, we receive state funds to operate our school and therefore required to meet state requirements in reference to state testing. However, opting out of the state test is a right of all Oregon students.  

Q. What are the graduation requirements for your school?

A. Currently, a student needs 24 credits to graduate.

Q. I have a four year old who is already reading. Can I enroll my student at the age of four into Kindergarten at your school?

A. Your student must be five years old prior to September 1st of any given year in order to enroll into our Kindergarten program. If your student is 5 prior to September 30 we have a testing process for a possible enrollment. Please contact our office at 541-589-2401 for further information.

Q. Your program states that teachers do visits every two weeks. Is that a requirement, or is this part of your program flexible?

A. We have learned that every student requires an individualized approach. At our charter, the staff and teachers strive to make every experience a positive one. For example, if your family would prefer less visits but increased digital interaction, then we are happy to make this accommodation for you.

Q. Is it possible for my student to take an elective course at our local school?

A. We encourage families to talk directly first with their local school’s principal. We have experienced great success with this particular scenario. It does however require the approval of the local school’s principal to allow your student to be on school grounds during school hours.

Q.  Are there funds available for alternative curriculum?

A. Yes!  $1200/year is available per student to use towards eligible curriculum.

Q.  Can I participate in middle school sports, high school sports, or other activities at my local brick and mortar school?

A. Yes!  See SB208 here. See OARs that explain here.