Why choose SRCS?

Top 10 Reasons why to choose Silvies River Charter School

There are many reason for Parents to partner with Silvies in educating their children! Here are just a few...

1. It is free to enroll at Silvies Charter School!

2. SRCS provides flexible, high quality technology and curriculum choices.

3. Silvies offers a dual credit/early college option that pays up to $1300 per term plus $150 for books. You can graduate high school with an Associates Degree on us!

4. Silvies has four tutoring centers across the state (Burns, Salem, Redmond and Bend) that allows for one on one time with teachers and tutors.

5. Silvies offers $1000 ($500 per semester) allowance to be used toward approved alternative curriculum choices and/or extracurricular/co-curricular activities.

6. Our teachers meet with each student and parent to create a personalized education plan.

7. Silvies loves families and loves assisting families in educating their students.

8. Silvies is an accredited school by AdvancEd.

9. Silvies offers field trips and other enrichment days at their tutoring centers.

10. The teachers at Silvies are passionate about learning!

Silvies River Charter School
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