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Silvies River Charter School (SRCS) offers open enrollment to all students residing in Oregon.

All questions regarding our program or the enrollment process can be directed to Sara Winn at or 541-589-2401.

To start the application process please start with the Letter of Intent.

Silvies River Charter School Letter of Intent Instructions:

In order to enroll your student we will need you to submit a Letter of Intent by email to your resident district. Please copy on the email so our school has the required proof that your resident district has been notified. Your application for enrollment will not be processed until we receive confirmation of the Letter of Intent. The contact for your resident district is provided below.

Instructions for your letter of intent

1. Resident School District email goes in the "to" of the email (Resident District Contact List CLICK HERE)

2. goes in the "cc"

3. Letter of intent goes in the "subject"

Sample Email:

To whom it may concern:

I intend to enroll (student(s) names and grade) in Silvies River Charter School

Your name here

Your address

You are now ready to fill out the online application for Silvies River Charter School! Click on apply now to complete the application.

We are currently accepting applications for the 2019-2020 school year. We will start taking application for the 20-21 school year in February.

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Direct School Line: 541-589-2401
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