Silvies River Charter School

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Education designed just for you and your family's needs. With teacher led support, diverse curriculum options, classes, tutoring and extra curricular activities, Silvies River Charter is a place where students are cared for and education is fostered.

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What Makes Silvies River Charter School Special?

What Silvies Offers

  • It is free to enroll with Silvies!
  • Virtual courses, alternative curriculum and local classes for all grades
  • Early college opportunities for high school students
  • Special education accommodations
  • A teacher to plan, test, and tutor with
  • Online access to teachers and tutoring
  • Diverse classes and tutoring opportunities at local Teaching centers (located in Salem, Redmond, Bend and Burns)
  • Field trips, science fairs and many other enrichment opportunities

Why Families Love Silvies

  • Silvies has fantastic learning opportunities for all grade levels K-12
  • In home learning is celebrated and supported
  • Students and parents get to know their teacher and a relationship of trust, support and guidance is fostered
  • Individually created education plans
  • Students and families get to enjoy creating community with group classes and trips
  • Teachers are passionate for education
  • Silvies works hard to maintain healthy relationships and provide students the best educational opportunities

Local Teaching Centers

  • Bend - Redmond - Burns - Salem - Lebanon
  • Personalized education planning
  • Extra curricular classes such as Art, Drama, STEM, PE etc.
  • Primary classes such as reading literacy, math literacy, logic, geography, robotics, etc.
  • Virtual or in person tutoring for all subjects and ages
  • Science fairs, health fairs, holiday craft bazaars etc.
  • Field trips such as OMSI, snowshoeing, Oregon Trail, etc.

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